Men's Hot Sox

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Men's Theme Hot Sox

For a fashion statement that makes every day brighter, browse our collection of men’s socks from Hot Sox!

Perfect for the guys with a razor-sharp eye for fashion, we’ve got trending styles tailor made to help you transition from the business world to nightlife.

Spruce up your suit with classic solids, stripes, or other bold and unique patterned dress socks that add just the right amount of color to business attire. Or showcase your personality with casual shoes and jeans with our fun and quirky polka dot selections.

You’ll find styles for the artist, the foodie, traveler and anyone who wants an easy fashion upgrade.

Our socks for men are developed using advanced knitting methods that capture every detail and color to perfection, and they make a great gift for family, friends, co-workers, groomsmen and any holiday or special occasion.

Style #'s:

Tacos (Black): HM100656-NRF051

Orange & White Stripe: HM700000-NFR823

Black & Orange Stripe: HM100460-NFR807

Thunder Basket Ball Gear: HM100667-NRF051

Thunder Bison: HM510001-NFR401

Bison: HM100770-NFR130

Beer: HM100748-NFR911

Cactus: HM100762-NFR001

Hot Sauce: HM100754-NFR460

Mustache: HM100749-NFR001

Camping: HM100758-NFR365

Trophy Husband (Navy): HMB00001-NFR054

Cactus 2: HM100762

Tuxedo: HM100740

Beer (Black): HM100506

Pool Float: HM100826

Cold Feet: HM100746

Talk Birdie to Me: HM100820

Beer (Green): HM100506

Teacher's Pet: HM100681

Mr. Right: HM100741

Golf (Green & Navy): HM100107

Barber Shop: HM100420

Medical: HM100508

Ostrich: HM100768

Moscow Mule: HM100750

Fishing Lures: HM100678

Hiker Crew: HM100631

Baseball Batter Crew: HM100685

Christmas Dachshund: HM100450

Holiday Crew: HMH00048

Cognac and Cigars: HM100745

Dentist Crew: HM100836

Tool Crew: HM100614

Soccer Player: HM100690

Pickup Truck: HM100626

Cyclist Crew: HM100689 

Santa Flamingos: HMH00014

Electric Guitars: HM100097

Labradors: HSM10003

Lawyer (Grey): HM100783

Fair Isle (Red & Black): HMH00046

Up To Snow Good: HMH00009

I'd Hike That: HSM10099

Cigar: HM200040

Skateboard Dog: HSM10191

Solar System: HSM10053

You Don't Gnome Me: HM100760

Garage Band: HSM10113 

 Trauma Llama: HSM10170

Veterinarian: HSM10090

Tools: HM100614

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