Greige Baby Dress Sets

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This dress/bloomer set is a short-sleeved version of the retired peasant dress - now comes with the bloomers. Two pieces. Made with 100% certified organic cotton. Elastic neck on dress and waist band on bloomers. Ruffle leg. 

Adorable model is sporting Pink Grapefruit. 

  • Colors: Blue Lemon, Grapefruit, Tutu Elephant, Pear, Artichoke & Floral Bicycle
  • Style #'s: 14089 (Blue Lemon), 14088 (Pink Grapefruit), 14071 (Tutu Elephant), 14090 (Pear), 14108 (Artichoke), 14111 (Floral Bicycle), 14126 (Sky Floral), 14128 (Vintage Floral)

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