Happy Knees

  • $ 11.00

Happy Knees are designed to boost confidence for crawling on today's hard surfaces. A little cushion with non-slip keeps baby moving and prevents scrapes and bruising.  Happy crawling!

Style #:

  • Parachute Blue KP47B
  • Parachute Pink KP48G
  • Heathered Turquoise KP52G
  • Ring Toss Turquoise KP39G
  • Rugby Row Navy KP42B
  • Rugby Row Pink KP42G
  • Hopscotch Blue KP45B
  • Heathered Medium Blue KP52B
  • Heathered Medium Pink KP53G
  • Heathered Purple KP55G
  • Up Up and Away Pink KP41G
  • Up Up and Away Blue KP41B



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